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IWAS Wheelchair Fencing

2023 World Cup Nimes

City Nimes
160 Avenue du Languedoc
30900 NÎMES
Nation France
Date Apr 20, 2023 - Apr 23, 2023
The number of participants is unlimited.

For each individual event:
Minimum six fencers from four IWAS countries are needed to be an official IWAS event.
A fencer without an official international classification is not allowed to participate in an IWAS WF competition.
The placing of competitors within each category is strictly according to the decision of the official classifiers authorities who have examined and classified each competitor before the competition.

Quota None

Referee qualification:

International referee license is required


Athletes per nation 4 - 7 8 +
Mandatory referees 1 2
Fine Per tournament £1,500.00 £1,500.00

Referees must be provided based on the total entries per tournament.

The required number of qualified referees must be entered into the inscription system before athletes can be added to the competition.

The referees activity is not paid by the organizer.

Federation International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation
Organizer Société d’Escrime de Nîmes
Contact Stade des Costieres
Avenue de la Bouvine
30900 Nimes, France
Tel.: +33 607240287
Further information
View entries and results

Entries to:
until Apr 2, 2023, 12:00:00 PM Central European Summer Time only by: National federation
Cancel until Apr 2, 2023, 12:00:00 PM Central European Summer Time
E-Mail: AND

Confederacao Brasileira de Esgrima until Mar 6, 2023
Day Entry desk close Begin Continued Finals Competition allowed Quota Entry fee
20.04. 00:00 09:00 Epee female B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Sabre male A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
13:00 Epee female A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Sabre male B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
21.04. 00:00 09:00 Foil male A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Sabre female B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
13:00 Foil male B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Sabre female A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
22.04. 00:00 09:00 Foil female B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Epee male A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
13:00 Foil female A I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
Epee male B I Senior 1924 - 2010 £50.00
23.04. 00:00 09:00 Foil female T Senior 1924 - 2010 £0.00
Epee male T Senior 1924 - 2010 £0.00
13:00 Sabre open T Senior 1924 - 2010 £0.00

Equipment check

Day Time Day Time Competition
19.04. 09:00 - 17:00 20.04. 08:00 - 13:00 Epee female Senior Individual B
Sabre male Senior Individual A
Epee female Senior Individual A
Sabre male Senior Individual B
21.04. 08:00 - 13:00 Foil male Senior Individual A
Sabre female Senior Individual B
Foil male Senior Individual B
Sabre female Senior Individual A
22.04. 08:00 - 13:00 Foil female Senior Individual B
Epee male Senior Individual A
Foil female Senior Individual A
Epee male Senior Individual B
23.04. 08:00 - 13:00 Foil female Senior Team
Epee male Senior Team
Sabre open Senior Team

Referee meeting

Day Time Day Time Discipline
20.04. 08:30    Epee
   21.04. 08:30 Foil
20.04. 08:30    Sabre

Fee for officials £50.00 Per official
Delegation meeting 19.04. 20:00
Payment Surcharge Remarks
Invoice - - The invoices are generated after the event based on actual results
Late entry surcharge £150.00 Per late entry
Discounts £50.00 Per double entry
£50.00 Per triple entry
Tournament officials TD - Daria Marchetti
Referee Delegate - Tatia Aptsiauri
SEMI Delegate - Peter Huggins
Classifier - Ying Ki Fung and Hilary Sahota

According to IWAS WF rules.

Rules and legal

According to IWAS WF rules.

Anti Doping

IWAS retains the right to conduct random Anti-Doping testing at any IWAS WF competition.


According to IWAS WF rules.

Latest submission of equipment to equipment control latest 30min before the closing time.

Booking options
Accreditation Rate (for all persons) €250.00
Double Room Rate (per person, 3 nights) €420.00
Double Room Rate (per person, 4 nights) €560.00
Double Room Rate (per person, 5 nights) €700.00
Double Room Rate (per person, 6 nights) €840.00
Double Room Rate (per person, 7 nights) €980.00
Double Room Rate (per person, extra night) €140.00
Single Room Rate (per person, 3 nights) €570.00
Single Room Rate (per person, 4 nights) €760.00
Single Room Rate (per person, 5 nights) €950.00
Single Room Rate (per person, 6 nights) €1,140.00
Single Room Rate (per person, 7 nights) €1,330.00
Single Room Rate (per person, extra night) €190.00
Accomodation Hotel C SUITES – Hotel NIMOTEL – Hotel BnB
Parc Hôtelier Ville Active
152 rue Claude Ledoux
30900 Nimes
Catering Cafeteria is done by a commercial food service.


If any teams needs to apply for visa, please let the LOC know asap by email to and they will send you a VISA invitation letter.


All members of attending delegations should insure themselves in case of accidents, injuries or illness. The organizer will not accept any responsibility or financial loss or any other responsibility incurred by any of the participants whatsoever.


All entries for athletes, referees, coaches and staff have to be done via the Ophardt system:
DEADLINE: before noon (CET) on 27 MARCH 2023

Registration of the whole team (accreditations, accommodation, all travel details etc.) has to be done by email to

The Room Rates include transportation from Marseille Provence Airport to the hotel/venue and back to Marseille Provence Airport and also 3 buffet style meals per day (from dinner on your arrival day until breakfast on your departure date).

The Accreditation Rate does NOT include any transportation.

The Accreditation Rates and Room Rates do NOT include the IWAS fee of £50 for each participant (athlete, official, staff, ...) which will be invoiced and has to be paid to IWAS after the competition.

The data from Entry Forms and Ophardt system must be consistent and current.

It is responsibility of the national federations to inform IWAS and the local Organizing Committee about any changes and keep all data up-to-date.

Invoices for entered participants (Accreditation Rates and Room Rates) will be sent to you by the local organizers.


All of accommodation (lunch, transportation) fee must be paid in full to the organizers directly by 10 MARCH 2023 using the following bank details:

Bank name: Crédit Coopératif
Bank address: 49 avenue Jean Jaurès, CS 24004, 30918 NÎMES Cedex 2
Address: 123 avenue de la bouvine, Stade des Costières, 30900 NÎMES
IBAN : FR76 4255 9100 0008 0119 4062 552

The party making payment will be responsible for bank charges, if any.


In exceptional situations of
- the registration of accommodation packages with the local organizers after 10 MARCH 2023
- the registration of athletes and officials in Ophardt system after 27 MARCH 2023 (noon CET) may be considered by LOC and IWAS, and may be accepted.
In this case a 20% penalty fee will be added to Accreditation Rates and Room Rates by the local organizers, and IWAS will charge a £150 late entry surcharge for each late entry.


Cancellations after the closing deadline for entries are only possible for medical reasons or force majeure, which have to be proved. The national federation must inform IWAS WF and the local organizers.

Any cancellation of ordered accommodation packages after 10th MARCH 2023 but before 20th MARCH 2023 will result in applying the cancellation fee:
100% of packages that have been ordered and cancelled.


The IWAS Registration Fee (50 GBP per person), a possible Late Entry Surcharge (150 GBP per person after the entry deadline and until 3 days before the competition, 250 GBP until the the head of delegation meeting), the fine for missing referees (1.500 GBP per missing referee before and 2.000 GBP after the entry deadline) and possible other fines must be paid directly to IWAS.

Please note that all fees and penalties payable to IWAS will be invoiced AFTER THE COMPETITION.