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Wheelchair Fencing

2024 Satellite Tournament "William of Orange"

(This tournament is included in the WF World Ranking competitions for Seniors, U23 and U17)

City Orange
Espace Alphonse Daudet
24 Av. Antoine Pinay, 84100 Orange, France
Nation France
Date Jun 22, 2024 - Jun 23, 2024
Timezone of venue Europe/London (GMT 1)
The number of participants is unlimited.

Participation is open to all Wheelchair Fencing Nations.
For each individual event, there is a minimum of four fencers from three World Abilitysport countries to be an official WF event.
Athletes are allowed to start in higher categories (Cat. B athletes in Cat. A; and Cat. C athletes in Cat. B or Cat. A) on their own decision or if there are not sufficient participants in their own category.
All athletes need a valid WF license for the year of the competition.

A fencer without an official international classification is not allowed to participate in an WF competition.

Licence required An international licence is required for:
  • Participants
  • Referees
  • Officials (e.g. coaches, accompanying persons)

Classification will take place for all unclassified competitors before the competition. The placing of competitors within each category is strictly according to the decision of the official classifiers authorities who have examined and classified them. A classification fee of 50 GBP per athlete is charged by World Abilitysport.

Quota None

Referee qualification:

International referee license is required


Athletes per nation 4 - 7 8 +
Mandatory referees 1 2
Fine Per tournament £1,500.00 £1,500.00

Referees must be provided based on the total number of athletes per tournament.

The required number of qualified referees must be entered into the inscription system before athletes can be added to the competition.

The referees activity is not paid by the organizer.

The referees of the delegations must always attend the Competitions, Tournaments or Championships from the beginning until the end. A penalty fee will be applied if they arrive too late or leave too early.

The referees of the delegations must always attend the Competitions, Tournaments or Championships from the beginning until the end of the last bout/match of the competiton. A penalty fee will be applied if they arrive too late or leave too early.

Federation World Abilitysport
Organizer Cercle d'escrime Orangeois
Contact President: Bruno Alberro
Tél.: +33 07 72 77 76 74
Further information
View entries and results

Entries to:
until Jun 2, 2024, 11:59:00 PM British Summer Time only by: National federation
Cancel until Jun 2, 2024, 11:59:00 PM British Summer Time
E-Mail: AND

Day Entry desk close Begin Continued Finals Competition allowed Quota Entry fee
22.06. 09:00 09:30 Foil female A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Foil female B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Foil male A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Foil male B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
14:00 14:30 Epee female A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Epee female B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Epee male A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Epee male B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
23.06. 09:00 09:30 Sabre female A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Sabre female B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Sabre male A I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00
Sabre male B I Senior 1925 - 2011 £20.00

Equipment check

Day Time Day Time Competition
21.06. 16:00 - 19:00 22.06. 08:00 - 09:30 Foil female Senior Individual A
Foil female Senior Individual B
Foil male Senior Individual A
Foil male Senior Individual B
13:00 - 14:30 Epee female Senior Individual A
Epee female Senior Individual B
Epee male Senior Individual A
Epee male Senior Individual B
23.06. 08:00 - 09:30 Sabre female Senior Individual A
Sabre female Senior Individual B
Sabre male Senior Individual A
Sabre male Senior Individual B

Referee meeting

Day Time Day Time Discipline
22.06. 14:00    Epee
22.06. 09:00    Foil
   23.06. 09:00 Sabre

Fee for officials £20.00 Per official
Delegation meeting 21.06. 20:00
Payment Surcharge Remarks
Invoice - - The invoices are generated after the event based on actual results
Discounts £20.00 Per double entry
£20.00 Per triple entry
Tournament officials TD - Pascal Godet
Referee Comm. Delegate - Jakub Leczycki
Classification - Lynn Strasser and Emmanuelle Benays

According to WF rules:
Pools followed by direct elimination without elimination (100% of athletes proceed to direct elimination after pools).

All events will be fenced separated by gender (men, women) and by categories (A, B, C).

Anti Doping

World Abilitysport retains the right to conduct random Anti-Doping testing at any WF competition.


According to WF rules with the following exceptions:

There is no need to have the name/nation of the athlete printed on the back of the jackets or to have the nation printed on the apron.
Also, no national logos are required on the clothing or on spoke protectors.

Accomodation To be booked by the participants.
Directions Travel by
Car: A7 and A9 motorways, exit Orange center
Train SNCF: ORANGE station
Plane: Marseille Airport (MRS)
Catering The Cafeteria is run by our club.

As a payment in lieu of the obligation to provide referees, a fee of 150 GBP will be charged per athlete entered, per competition entered.
(see Neutral Athlete and Support Personnel Regulations from 28 March 2024)

If any team needs to apply for visa, please let the LOC know asap by email to
and they will send you a VISA invitation letter.

All members of attending delegations should insure themselves in case of accidents, injuries or illness.
The organizer will not accept any responsibility or financial loss or any other responsibility incurred by any of the participants whatsoever.

The price of registration is 40 euros per weapon, before the deadline submitted.
It will be 120 Euros for participants not registered within the mentioned deadlines.
The World Abilitysport Fee (20 GBP per person) will be invoiced after the Satellite Tournament and has to be paid directly to World Abilitysport.

The payment of commitments and reserved services will be made on the premises of the competition at the registration table by:
- Cheque
- Bank card
- Cash

At the venue "Espace Alphonse Daudet" the registration opens at 4pm on Friday and at 8am on Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday and Sunday refreshment bar opens at 8am with the possibility to have breakfast.

The “William of Orange” team competition is a mixed relay event with three weapons and 21 points.
It is open to national teams. The edition will take place on Saturday June 22nd after the individual events of the international satellite circuit.
Details you will find on WF website under

Reservations and payments are the responsibility of the participants and accompanying persons.
A list of hotels you will find on WF website:

The City of Orange has many restaurants at all prices and for all tastes.
The local organizers will have a refreshment bar with snacks on the competition site.
It is possible to reserve meals in advance for:
- Friday evening
- Sunday noon
- Sunday evening
The cocktail reception on Saturday evening is offered upon reservation.
Please complete the form on WF website
and send back the form to LOC:

Shuttle Buses will operate between Marseille Airport (MRS), SNCF train station, venue and accommodation.
Please complete the form on WF website
and send back the form to LOC:

By e-mail to the address of the LOC: